Why another leadership blog?

Leadership, in every single one of its forms, is immensely difficult.

Why another leadership blog?
Photo by Joe Woods / Unsplash

Leadership, in every single one of its forms, is immensely difficult. It will be one of the most taxing things you ever do — if not the most. You will have to do it every day, because once you start, it's very hard to disentangle yourself. Once you turn the switch on in your mind, it's very hard to go back.

It's also one of the most rewarding. If you want to affect positive change, multiplying the force of other people is the most effective ways of doing so. Coaching others to success is indescribably life-changing, and for me, the best use of my time.

I had to learn a lot of this the hard way. Though I'm still a student of leadership, there's no one place to learn the patterns that go into approaching leadership problems; I haven't found a single satisfying history of management, nor a good overview of the state of the art. Instead, I've pieced together an education from a wealth of resources, mostly from personal experience and from what I've read.

I am a firm believer in not pulling the ladder up after myself.

This is a blog about leadership in technology organizations. This will be mostly about public and private corporations of varying sizes, but you're going to get my opinions about ad hoc groups like meetups as well.

I'm here to spread positivity and help everyone help everyone to succeed. Leadership is hard, but it doesn't have to suck.