Where do tech leaders post?

What blend of social media makes sense in 2024 to share my writing?

Where do tech leaders post?
Photo by Oleg Laptev / Unsplash

I have two blogs. I share thoughts on Mastodon, and I post on LinkedIn. Sometimes I'll post on HackerNews, and sometimes my posts will get shared there. I used to love Twitter — I joined in '07! — but I mostly stopped using it in '16.

One of the main questions I had when starting this blog was: does this blend of social media make sense in 2024 as a way to share my writing?

I'm not on Bluesky, I'm not on Reddit, and I parked a Threads account but don't use it. I wanted to find out: is it a mistake to not be on any of these platforms?

I made a list of the first ten leaders I could think of whose writing I admire. Of those:

  • 7 (actively) post on their blogs
  • 6 post on Twitter
  • 4 post on Mastodon
  • 3 post on LinkedIn
  • 2 post on Facebook
  • 2 post in Instagram
  • 2 have email newsletters
  • 1 posts on Bluesky

I think this list is clearly pretty biased toward the way I engage with the internet; the folks whose work I look forward to reading tend to be the same folks that I can point my RSS reader at. That's the kind of writing I want to be compared to; I think this list would be quite different if I were optimizing for a different kind of writing.

That being said, I'm surprised by the number of folks using Twitter! Mastodon is well-represented here, so I feel like I'm in good company. I'm also surprised by the lack of uptake of Bluesky — a few more people on this list had created accounts that weren't active.

I think the only conclusion I can draw from this is that, right now, it's a bit of a strange time for social media. Maybe late 2024 or early 2025 will be different, but for now, you can find me here, on LinkedIn, or on Mastodon.